Request for Sponsorship

Innovations in Software Engineering Conference - ISEC is an annual flagship conference of iSOFT, the India chapter of ACM SIGSOFT under the umbrella of ACM India. 16th Innovations in Software Engineering Conference (ISEC 2023) is organized during February 23 - 25, 2023 at IIIT Allahabad and it will bring together researchers and industry practitioners from across the world to share cutting edge advancements in the field of Software Engineering.

Many industry leaders have been supporting ISEC by signing up the sponsorship offering over the past 15 years. We request you to consider this as an opportunity to support the Software Engineering research community by sponsoring this flagship conference. Your support to this conference can help advancing Software Engineering research in India and also help many student researchers attend the conference via Travel Grants. Attendees will be exposed to latest Software Engineering research trends and be able to network with experts in the field and reach potential hires.

Please find the sponsorship possibilities below:

Sponsorship Benefits Sponsorship Category
Rs. 3.5 Lakhs
Rs. 2.5 Lakhs
Rs. 1.5 Lakh
Rs. 1 Lakh
1 Number of free Registrations to personnel from the sponsoring organization for full 3 days 86 4 2
2Show-casing the logo of the organization in ALL the applicable places (in the virtual platform as well)Large SizeMedium SizeSmall SizeSmall Size
3Virtual booth at the event to interact with the audience on all days of the conferenceAll dayTwo dayOne dayNo
4Promotional material to be shared with participants through welcome emailYesYesYesYes
5Company Logo on conference presentation template used by organizers. (We can consider creating a presentation template that will have sponsors’ logo in the opening and closing slide)YesYesNoNo
6Display of promotional video before a keynote talk(Up to 3
(Up to 2
7Contact list of student participants who are willing to share their contact.YesYesNoNo

Places where the logo of the sponsorship organization is show-cased (the Big, Medium, Small sizes are appropriately proportional)

  • ISEC 2023 Website
  • At the main entrance to the ISEC 2023 conference venue
  • On the backdrop of the dais of main conference hall
  • On an A4 size pamphlet of sponsors given to all the delegates
  • The list of sponsors, category-wise is announced during the Inaugural event of the main conference

If you are interested in sponsoring or if you need more information about the ISEC and sponsorship details, please write to:

  • ISEC 2023 Finance Chair, Vrijendra Singh (vrij@iiita.ac.in)
  • ISEC 2023 General Chair, Sonali Agarwal (sonali@iiita.ac.in)